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                   You sat down by the mysterious Strider Dirk. Right now he invited you to come over to his house to show you a surprise. You loved anime like you love your family. Dirk was probably going to pull out some sort of Goku outfit for Lil Cal or a plush Lavi from D Grey Man. You really didnt mind it at all. To put it in words, You loved being with him a lot and him showing you his treasures. You have a crush on him. Yes. YOU WIH A STRIDER?!. YOU THINK YOU COULD BE WITH HIM???. Well, you have a chance. 
               You gazed up into his dim pointy otaku shades as he looked at you with his specalty emotionless face."Yo! (Name) yesterday I went to Roxys house and her younger sis gave me this." He said. You sighed waiting for the 'BIG' revealence. " Its is Strider cool." Dirk added. You pull out your pointer finger and tell him to hurry. 

             He pulled out a DVD from his back that said...Oh Yea..YES!! MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGICAL SEASON 3!!! You LOVED thay show your favorite was Apple Jack and  Rainbow Dash. Dirk almost smiled at your reaction. You jumpped up and spun around. "Lets watch it! Please! Please! Please! PLEASE!" You yelled. Dirk put a finger on his chin. " I was going to save it for later so me and Dave could have a bonding activity but i guess." He said. He grabbed LIL cal and threw him on his shoulder. "Let the awsomeness begin!!" You sauealed. You ran over to the couch and seated yourself trying to co trol yourself from exploding.'my little pony...' it started Singing. Your eyes widened as so did your mouth. Ok, so it was a tad boring but still joyfulish. 

              Dirk looked at you and you thought you saw a blush go across his face. Wait...Striders dont blush...righ? Before you could ask he put his hand on yours. "Can I tell you something?" He asked. You blushed slightly and nodded your (E/C) orbs. He smirked and said something. "Friendship is magic." You gaze at him with stupidity. "Dirk what did th-" All of a sudden a light blue mist surrounded you enveloping you in it.

             All you could see was blue and sparks. Your hair grew thicker as did your body. It felt like it was getting...shifted into something else. You closed your eyes of the not pain bit, sensation. "D-Dirk!" You yell. A white paw stuck out. You grab it asuming it was a lottle plush or something he got with the pack. "(Name!) (name!) are you ok? People usually don't make it but you did!" He smiles cheerfuly.

             The mist dissapered and you look around. The sun was big and bright wih fluffy clouds all around. The land was almost Pink and purple but there where some ponys running around. Is this a park? A zoo perhaps? Oh! Theres Dirk! You see a pair of pointy otaku shades on a white horse. The horse had a blond tail and blonde mane. "Oh hey (name)!" It cheered. You paced back a bit feeling heavier."Dirk is that you?" You ask squinting your eyes. The dirk pony nods."Yea, your one to." He stated. You look at yourself in a lake. You had pale (blood color) skin and your tail and mane were (hair color). Your eyes where a sparkly (eye color) and your symbol was a (Class symbol). You where a pretty sexy horse! 

              Five more ponys came up to you and waved. One was all purple. Anoher some sort of blue rainbow thing, one more was alost butterfly related, One was pure pink like cotton candy and on was some sort of farm- APPLEJACK!!!! "Well Hey there!" Applejack neighed kicking around. HOLY SH*T YOU WERE A PONY!! You looked back at Dirk and he gave you the sign to go ahead. You stepped up. "Hi My name is (name)." you say. " I'M twilightsparkle, thats rainbowdash, shutterfly and pinky pie!" Twilight cheered. Dirk came up and nodded. "Sup." he said. Shutterfly smiled. "H-Hey Dirk....why d-did you bring this girl?" Shutterfly asked curling up into a ball. "Shes cool." Dirk said licking your mane. You blushed a bit as pinkie laughed at you. "In love." she whispered. Your face glew (blood color). 

               Shutterfly seemed to keep Dirk busy at the moment. Pinkie pie leaned over to Rainbowdash and whispered something but since you had a feeling it was bout you you just smiled. Rainbow came over and leaned on your shoulder. " You like Dik Huh???" She made fun of you. You smiled and took a deep breath. "Dont worry I wont tell I PROMISE!" She exclaimed. Dirk turned his head around and looked over. "What? A secret tell me." He commanded looking at The smiling Rainbowdash. You mept your cold gaze at herwatching her. nEarly every move. She leaned into Dirk and whispered something. Dirk set gaze on you again. "(name)....I....cant beleive it..... " He says. You sigh. "Yes its true" you mutter. "You dont like Noodles!" He exclaimed. Rainbowdash smiled at you as she whipped her tail back and forth. Pinkie pie leaned closer to you. "We will make this happen!" She squealed.
                 Twilight came over to you and gave you an apple. "Fresh from the farm." Applejack said as she threw them to everyone else. You seemed to be getting along with Pinky and rainbowdash the most here. How dis you end up here and why? They already knew Dirk so      Has he come here before? You shook it off and shook your body."Applejack? When does the spell wear off?" Dirk asked. Applejack looked puzzled for a moment then remembered somehing. "Oh! It will be dont by sunset tonight." She said. Pinkie sauealed again. "HE WILL BE YOURS BY TONIGHT!!" She smiled. You moved back a bit of her creeiness. 

                shuttery sprinted over to you in sweat. "The house-ITS ON FIRE!" she yelled. You stood up along with the others as they glared at each other. You galloped of in the direction of Ponyville with the others cloy behind. Dirk came up from behind and nipped onto your tail. You yelped but kept going. "WHAT THE SPELL!" You said. Dirk ran up to you and went beyond you. Rainbow flew overhead and pulled you into the sky with her. Hou hand on to her as she bolts by the lake." Hurry get some water!" She said. You looked around for an object when a well caught your eye. You dashed toward it and grabbed the wooden bucket in it and filled it with water. Rainbow grabbed onto your back and flew off to the house with lightning spped.

              Shutterfly attemps putting it out with Dirk with dirt. Rainbowdash flyes over the fire basically leaving you dangling as you threw the water onto it. It was. Early enough when Rainbowdash lost her grip. You fell. You could fell the heat of he fire under you as you approached it. "H-HELP!" you yelled. Dirk opened up his hidden wings and bolted up. He dashed toward you and grabbed you by the tail. He flew off and put you in a flower field."A-Are you ok??" He asked concerned loudly. You opened up your trembling eyes.

            Rainbowdash flew with Applejack on her back to you. Dirk lookes down into yoir eyes as the sunlight hits you. It was almost sundown. You would turn human again. Applejack ran over to you with a bunch of healing herbs and ointments in jer mouth. Dirk glew a bright yellow and turned human as dis you. You hair grew back as did your human body. Dirk picked up your body. Ridal stule and held you. "Tell me my Strider girl is alright." He said. You opened you your eyes shaking terribly. You wrap your arms around Dirks neck and cry." Y-You saved me!" You cry into his shoulder. He pats your back and holds you tigher."You were so sougu back there..."You whisper.

              He twirls a finger in your hair. "I was?" He asked. You sat there hugging him. "Desh ki dio!" You say. "Desh ki dio." He says. You pull your lips together. Hsi basically intertwinned with yours and formed perfect. He tuggged your hair making you kiss harder. He stuck his tounge in without asking for permission but you granted it anyway. You pull back. " Friendship is magic!" You say.

                          -------------------EXTENDED ENDING--------------------
            Rainbowdash starred at Pinkie as you two made out. You stuck her tounge put in discust as Pi my smiled. " OTP!!" She said. "ON TOP PONIES!!!!" She squeals
PONY POWER UNITEE!! this was so childish! but i had to XD

I dont own anything
Andrew hussie - Homestuck
My little pony- My little pony?
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*rides away on Dirk pony*
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*foams from the mouth and falls on the ground twitching*

You. Have. No. Idea. How. Long. I. Have. Wanted. This.
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And season 3 comes out tomorrow, *fangirl scream*
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u mixed two awesome things!!! I luv u fo this!! X3

The creator of MLP is Lauren Faust. XD

U just picked up two puzzle pieces, pieced them together an created my heart!!! <3
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-huggles- Yes another fan of Homestuck and MLPFIM!
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