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January 2
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       You sat on the deck of the Thousand Sunny. The sunlight pured on the ship and all the poeple doing their busness on it.. Luffy and Ussop were fooling around with Chopper and his medical supplies,  Sanji was trying to make us girls some island smoothies, and Franky was probably making an invention, or something to impress Robin. Everyone else was doing their normal. Nami and Robin were sunbathing, and Zoro sat on the opposite end of the deck of you sleeping. His one scarred eye seemed normal when he slept. His three swords stuck to his side, even when he was unconsious.Man isn't he a crowd. Enough to make the most stubborn girl like you crazy. (e/c) eyes glared at his sleeping figure with delight and mystery. It would be a lie to say that you never enjoyed staring at him, unconsious or awake that is. 
        You stood up and looked at the cloudless sky. The (FAVORITE COLOR) bikini tropical top went well with the same color swimshorts. Shoeless was always a positive factor on a boat, even thoughit felt hot, it was soothing. An empty chair caught your eye near Nami and Robin and you decided to take a seat. In the corner of your eye, a love chef took a step out of the kitchen and eyed up the females of the ship. "Sanji-kyn where's out smoothi-"Nami was inturrupted by him running toward us. "Coming my dear Nami-Swa-"
Suddenly, he fell facefirst into a pool pf yogurt and peach milkshake. Zoro's foot stood underneath his fallen figure. "Stupid Marimo!" Sanji blurt in the green haired swordsmans face. 
        Pissed, you walked over to the two and made your cuttest face you could make. "Sanjiiiii please just ignore it, we are waiting for our milkshakes!" (Name) winked at him. "Yes my sweet~" He sang sprinting to the kitchen. A long sigh escaped your mouth. You looked down at Zoro who gave you a foxy smirk of his. A light blush came on your cheeks. "What?" You asked curious. "Just mad a girl saved your ass from a kick to the face huh?" You grinned teasing him. His hand grabbed your wrist and pulled you onto his lap. "Zoro!" You shouted. He whispered something in your ear. "Your cute when you blush~." He sang. (E/c) eyes meet with his dark ones. Closer he came. Closerrrrrr. Oh the anticipation. "Sorry I-I gotta go help Brook real quick." You inturrupted springing out of his grip. He stared in shock relizing what you and him both did. 
        Physically you had a breakdown of blush, but internally you wanted it to continue. WH-what just happened.  You think. "Your cute when you blush" he said staring at me in the eyes. Or was he just bluffing..he would never sa-OFFF! You ran into someone!
        As you fell on your butt you rubbed your head. "Owwww." You whined rubbing it looking up to see Brook. "Why Hello there (name) why the rush?" He asked with his violin in his hands. "Coming to see this sack of bones, Skull joke! Yohohoho~" He sang out loud. You looked back at Zoro who was sleeping again snoring away. Brook lowered his head by you and stared in your direction. "So what are we looking at?" Brook whispered. (Name) slightly jumpped. "Nothing." You blushed. Btook examined and noticed you where in your swimsuit. 
        He grabbed your hands and looked in your eyes with his...holes. Sanji walked through the kitchen door as Brook said. "May I see your panties?" He asked. Zoro opened his good eye slightly and looked at you. "But I'm not wearing any..." you said. He stated at you mouthwide. Sanji flicked his head overhearing and ran in your direction. "(N-Name)" sanji nosebleeded. IM IN MY BATHINGSUIT. Zoro had a light dust across his cheeks overhearing your conversation. "I'm in my bathing suit..." You muttered looking down. They seemed to not bother listening as they duel nosebleed. "Then may you..Take them off?" Sanji grinned. The blush came visible now. 
        Two arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you into someones chest. "No she won't you two asses." A voice said. Zoro. You kept your face in his chest to hide your blush but slowly looked up. He sent a glare at the two. Was he. Oh my. BLUSHING? "Zoro are you jealous?" Both Perverts asked. "What! No!" He exclaimed. "Then why you still holding her?" Brook smiled. Sanji wanted to tackle him to the ground. "My poor (Name-san)... don't let Zoro ruin your purity." Sanji came over to hug you but Zoro growled. 
(Name) met gazed with Zoro. "Zoro...." you whispered. 
        He burried his face in your hair and held you tighter. His fingers tilted your chin up. "I love you."  He smirked. Slowly he smashed his lips against yours. Brook and Sanji scurried out of there quickly. Shocked, it took you a minute before you kissed back. Passionitly he kissed you, sending you melting in his strong arms. He bit your lip asking for entrance, and you denied just to make him mad. A growl came from his throat, and without hesitation he tugged at your hair causing you to squeak. His wish was fuffiled and he gained entrance into your mouth. Your hands made their way around his neck like a snake, and you tugged at his hair deepening the kiss. 
    After a minute you pulled back. " I still loved you since the start...

...Even if you weren't jealous
This came to me in a dream. That's all I'll say.

I own nothing.
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TitanlikeEren Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014   Writer
Lol this is so great, your lucky bot have dreams that aren't screwed up like mine...
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Him : take your panties off

Me : OH HE\\ NOO
Lily1023 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
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